James R. Wigginton’s VocalEdge

With a lifetime of performance experience and over two decades of training singers, James R. Wigginton has become a trusted and celebrated name throughout the singing world. His teaching style of combining science-based methods that “just work” with an in-depth knowledge of the music industry has resulted in what we call “VocalEdge”.

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VocalEdge is much more than singing lessons—just as being a great artist is so much more that being a great singer. While the focus will always be on teaching great vocal technique, VocalEdge completing “The Package”, finding the “IT” factor and uncovering true potential.
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About James R. Wigginton

JAMES R. WIGGINTON (Jamie) was born into a touring musical family in Western Kentucky -sort of a hillbilly Partridge Family. Hundreds of artists/vocalists all over the world currently call Jamie their vocal coach. Over the past few years, Jamie has completed over 25 international tours, in 11 countries–appearing in concert and presenting Master Classes.


  1. Hey, Jamie.

    Just wanted to say that your site looks great and I wish you the best! Who knows, maybe one day I’ll call you up to get a tune-up.


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