Master Classes

You can have Master Vocal Coach James R. Wigginton in your hometown!

You can even make money! Please contact us if you would like to receive information on hosting a VocalEdge MasterClass in your area.

Typically, the MasterClass would take place on Friday evening, 7PM-9:30PM. The next day, Saturday, people can elect to sign up for a private session with Jamie. If the community desires, Jamie will return to your area periodically to offer private sessions! This year alone, Jamie presented MasterClasses and private sessions in London, UK; Santiage, Chile; Guayaquill, Ecuador; Fort Smith, AK; Houston, TX, Dallas, TX…your town could be next.

Materials, Promotional posters and ad copy are provided for you by VocalEdge! You can either 1. Pay the expenses from your company’s/church’s budget or 2. Charge each participant whatever you need to charge to cover all expenses and even to make a profit. Use it as a fundraiser!

Download our MasterClass Contract and MasterClass Rider.

Contact us if you would like to be a VocalEdge MasterClass Host!