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Dramatic range expansion. Greater agility and stamina. Focused style. Refined image and branding. This is VocalEdge.

VocalEdge is more than singing lessons, just as being a great artist is more than being a great singer. While the focus will always be on teaching great vocal technique, VocalEdge also helps you complete "The Package," find the "IT" factor, and uncover your true potential.

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More power. More freedom. Dramatically expanded range.

The VocalEdge Master Classes represent the very best in personal vocal training. You can hire Jamie to come to you for personalized vocal training that is second to none.

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What’s Your EDGE?

Being a great singer doesn’t make you a great artist. It certainly helps, but it’s not a deal-maker. If the music industry was a singing competition, would Johnny Cash be a household name today? What about Britney Spears? Madonna? Cher?! If the industry was really a “who’s the best singer in the world” search, then […]

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Making of the B.A. Mechanic

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