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Dramatic range expansion. Greater agility and stamina. Focused style. Refined image and branding. This is VocalEdge.

VocalEdge is more than singing lessons, just as being a great artist is more than being a great singer. While the focus will always be on teaching great vocal technique, VocalEdge also helps you complete "The Package," find the "IT" factor, and uncover your true potential.

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More power. More freedom. Dramatically expanded range.

The VocalEdge Master Classes represent the very best in personal vocal training. You can hire Jamie to come to you for personalized vocal training that is second to none.

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“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry I will try to not take the cheap and cynical route by bashing New Year’s Resolutions right away. There can be something powerful and even lasting in seeing a new year as a blank page; your decisions, actions and attitude the pen with […]

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James R. Wigginton’s VocalEdge

With a lifetime of performance experience and over two decades of training singers, James R. Wigginton has become a trusted and celebrated name throughout the singing world. His teaching style of combining science-based methods that “just work” with an in-depth knowledge of the music industry has resulted in what we call “VocalEdge”. Problem retrieving videos […]

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Audition Guide

Mastering the art of auditioning can mean the difference between a great paying music gig, or a way cool job at the mall. Many singers who are fabulous entertainers simply don’t audition well. And sometimes, average singers get the gig because they know how to own the moment. In this area, I am going to […]

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Watch Jamie Do His Thing!

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Auditions: 4 Things to “BE” to Land the Gig! by Megan Gleckler

Auditions. Walking voluntarily into a room full of strangers that are about to judge the very thing you have worked on your entire life… Sounds like a blast, right? They don’t have to be frightening. You don’t have to hear the soundtrack of the “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” in your head when […]

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What’s Your Message?

I recently saw Lady Gaga on Ellen. Ellen was kidding her about her outrageous outfits. She asked her , “So what’s this all about?” This was her reply: “The whole point of what I do–the monster mall, the music, the performance art aspect…I wanna create a space for my fans where they can feel free […]

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