About Vocal Edge

With a lifetime of performance experience and over two decades of training singers, James R. Wigginton has become a trusted and celebrated name throughout the singing world. His teaching style of combining science-based methods that “just work” with an in-depth knowledge of the music industry has resulted in what we call “VocalEdge”.

VocalEdge is much more than singing lessons—just as being a great artist is so much more that being a great singer. While the focus will always be on teaching great vocal technique, VocalEdge is about completing “The Package”, finding the “IT” factor, and uncovering true potential.

Jamie’s Agenda for His Artists

  • Dramatic Range Expansion
  • Greater Ease in the Upper Register
  • Focused Style
  • Image and Branding

What Makes VocalEdge Technique Work?

The secret is BALANCE. Bottom line: you will sing with greater freedom and more range when you ditch weight and stop forcing it. If you’re a little geeky like me and want to know more, read on.

By establishing balance of airflow, chord closure and muscular support, your voice can function much more freely and powerfully than you’ve ever experienced. Many singers believe (or have been taught) that they have “chest voice” and “head voice”…and that’s it. They have to sing either all chest or flip up into head voice (actually falsetto if the voice breaks). If this is you, then we have very good news: you’re pulling your chest voice up too far. In about 15 minutes, Jamie will strengthen and balance that weak part of your voice -your first bridge, or primo passaggio -and you’ll be able to access the “money notes” easier than you’ve ever been able to. With a series of exercises, you will notice a marked difference in just one session.

Over the first few weeks, your voice will learn how to “let go”, giving you free access to your entire range without strain. Great technique is not just about singing higher. Your voice will also become more resonant and resilient -a must for touring artists. Jamie will also help you hone in on your style, giving you a greater edge in the music industry. Great vocal technique will produce more range, greater control, better licks and ensure longevity. Although vocal perfection is a life-time pursuit that few ever achieve, learning technique does not take all that long–and it will last for your entire career.

James R. Wigginton’s VocalEdge® technique will make a dramatic difference in your singing.

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